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Preventative Dentistry in North Vancouver

Preventive Dentistry is very important to us at Third Street Dental. Regular cleanings and check ups will remove build up, stain and tartar from your mouth to keep your smile beautiful and white. Our trained staff examine your teeth and gums with high magnification and illumination. If needed we use modern low radiation digital xrays to make sure your teeth are free from cavities and infection. We are happy to see patients of all ages from little ones who are just getting their teeth to wiser patients who have full sets of pearly whites.

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About Dr. Andrew Ho

Dr. Ho completed his Dentistry Degree (D.D.S.) at the University of Toronto and his General Practice Dental Residency at Toronto’s prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital.

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Preventative Dentistry

There are many reasons to seek dental care in North Vancouver. Too often, patients visit their North Vancouver dentist when it’s too late. Whether they have a tooth ache or have not been taking care of their teeth, Third Street Dental sees a lot of people that would have benefited from an earlier visit for a simple check up or teeth cleaning in North Vancouver. While our professional staff can help with all sorts of problems, it is our ultimate goal to prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular cleanings and check ups with your North Vancouver dentist will help remove build up, stain, and tartar as well as provide an opportunity to examine teeth and gums for any cavities or infection. In short, preventative dentistry is your ticket to good oral hygiene and a healthy smile.

Schedule Regular Appointments for Teeth Cleaning in North Vancouver

At Third Street Dental, we recommend everyone schedule a North Vancouver dental care appointment at least once per year. If you are at high risk for dental problems, you will likely benefit from more frequent visits. During your teeth cleaning in North Vancouver, you expect an update of your medical history, scaling and polishing of your teeth and gums, x-rays as needed, fluoride treatment, specific oral hygiene instruction, and patient photos. Your North Vancouver dentist will thoroughly examine your whole mouth for cavities, failing fillings or crowns, jaw disorders, and any bite abnormalities. We will also examine your gingival and periodontal health and screen for oral pathologies such as cancer, gum disease, and bone/tooth health. Scheduling regular North Vancouver dental care will help your dentist identify any problems before they become any worse and make sure you are maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

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Your Responsibility to Preventative Dentistry

While regular teeth cleaning in North Vancouver is a necessary step to good oral hygiene, it doesn’t stop there. You have a responsibility at home as well. The most crucial part of preventative dentistry is daily tooth brushing with American Dental Association approved toothpaste. Additionally, daily flossing will help clean the spaces between your teeth ultimately preventing plaque buildup and cavities. By doing these two things at home in addition to scheduling regular appointments with your North Vancouver dentist at Third Street Dental, you will be well on your way to a bright, healthy smile!

Cleaning & Prevention

Teeth cleaning and prevention is of the utmost importance for your oral health. Early detection is key! It's time to get excited about rebuilding your smile.

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Sensitive Teeth

We provide customized treatments for gum recession, cavities and other causes of sensitive teeth.

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Gum Grafting

We can get high success rates of regenerating lost gum tissue with gum grafting if treated early.

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Children’s Teeth

Studies show that children that have early dental visits are more likely to grow up not being afraid of the dentist.

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Mouthguards & Bruxism

Get a custom-made mouthguard or splint to protect your teeth when playing contact sports, to relieve snoring and help with your Bruxism (teeth grinding).

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