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Gum Grafting

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Gum Recession is caused by many factors such as improper toothbrushing technique, mispositioned teeth, heavy tooth grinding and genetics. Gum recession results in exposed sensitive teeth, root cavities and unaesthetic smiles. Recession is a steady degenerative process that results in gum and surrounding bone loss.

It will always result in some degree of tooth mobility and possible tooth loss. Unfortunately tooth mobility and tooth loss show up when we are older and it is virtually impossible to treat.

The key to treating recession is early intervention with proper dental hygiene and regular dental visits. Furthermore we can get high success rates of regenerating the lost gum tissue with gum grafting if treated early.

Gum grafting is a procedure that thickens and most cases grows back the lost tissue. We move thick tissue from the palate, an area in your mouth that is not prone to recession, to the affected area showing recession.

For those who prefer not to use palatal tissue we offer the use of a medical regenerative matrix called Alloderm, which provides a scaffold for you gums to regenerate. Also for those who are nervous about the procedure we offer various levels of sedation.

Gum grafting is a very successful procedure if done at the right time. The sooner the grafting is done the less recession we need to deal with, the greater your chances of complete success. Because it is a valuable preventive procedure it is often covered by your dental insurance. Ask your North Vancouver dentist today if you are a candidate for the procedure.

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